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Customs Warehousing

Customs Warehousing

Customs Warehousing

Customs warehousing allows goods to be imported and held while deferring the payment of import duty and VAT, making it an important tool for anyone selling foreign goods in the UK.  The duty and VAT can be paid using your deferment account when the goods leave the warehouse – allowing you a further 28 days to pay.

Customs Warehousing Services

Our HMRC approved facility is conveniently situated for the east coast ports such as Felixstowe and Harwich. We are authorised with type A Customs Warehouse Approval to receive goods under CPC 71 00 000 and remove goods under the following CPC codes: 51 71 000, 40 71 000 and 40 71 004. Under this authorisation we are allowed to operate co-storage (the storage of Community and non-Community goods together in the same warehouse). We are also authorised to perform ‘usual forms of handling’ of warehoused goods while under customs bond. These operations are generally to improve presentation or marketable quality and/or prepare the goods for distribution or resale.


We hold CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) accreditation, which allows faster movement of goods from port to warehouse and means goods can be released into free circulation at unit level using a deferment account to pay the duty. We can use our customer’s account or we have our own.

We can provide:

  • HRMC approved customs warehousing.
  • Type A customs warehouse.
  • Customs duty management.
  • Import and export processing.
  • Re-export non- EU Community goods.
  • Product reworking under bond.

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