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Excise Bonded Warehousing


Excise Bonded Warehousing

Excise Bonded warehousing allows importers to defer the Excise Duty and VAT payable on imported alcohol.

Excise Bonded Warehousing Services

We are renowned for our expertise in the handling, storage and distribution of HM Revenue & Customs bonded wines, beers and spirits. With our expertise in dealing with HMRC we allow our customers to focus on their core business. Our warehousing and IT systems are approved by HMRC, meeting the strictest conditions required for ‘under bond’ storage.

At any one time, we can have over 20,000 pallets of wine, beer and spirits stored under bond. We have a premises licence which means we can send orders direct to consumers on behalf of our customers.

We can create bespoke solutions to help you drive your business forward.

We can provide:

  • HMRC approved Excise Bonded warehousing for wines, beers and spirits.
  • Highly accurate and reliable Delta bond system, regularly audited by HMRC.
  • Systemised HMRC documentation.
  • Duty stamp labelling.
  • Contract packing under Bond.
  • Online ATWD processing.
  • Single bottle to case and full pallet picking.
  • Warehouse management and inventory control with full traceability.
  • UK and international pallet despatches.

We are members of the Warehouse & Spirits Trade Association and the Bonded Warehousekeepers Association.


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