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Warehouse storage

At Johnston Logistics UK, we provide secure, modern storage for all types of palletised goods.

Our location, just off the A11 in Snetterton, Norfolk at the heart of the Cambridge to Norwich Tech Corridor makes us conveniently situated for businesses in the eastern region.

Our pallet storage facilities allow our customers the flexibility they need to store their products securely and in a cost efficient way whether it be short or long term.  Johnston Logistics UK has the capability to offer HMRC Customs and Excise Bonded warehousing as well as a premises license offering the ability to send orders directly to consumers on behalf of our customers.

We can store both euro and standard pallets and we are holders of the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution certification, meaning that only the best practices in handling, storing and distribution of products are used across the site.  The BRC certificate gives authority to the supply chain and allows us to specialise in the food and drinks sector, particularly in the storage and distribution of ‘just in time’ dried ingredients and ambient packaging.

Our warehouses are controlled by a highly-sophisticated stock management system which tracks every item in and out of the warehouses, including when they are being processed, repackaged, or moved. It offers real-time updates on quantity, despatch details and full traceability for all of your goods.

We provide a full range of 3PL services as well as modern, fit for purpose warehouse space.

If you are looking to find suitable warehouse space, please give us a call on 01953 888381, complete our contact form or email for a highly competitive quote.

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