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Services for the Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is one of the most established and sophisticated sectors in the logistics world.

Demand seems to be rising for inbound transport and parts handling and regional logistics chains in this sector have become very complex and intense.

Many of the largest car makers have seen a rise in the average distance that they ship components, with consequent impacts for logistics networks, transport and duty costs. Car factories in the UK depend heavily on parts and material shipped from the rest of continental Europe.

With the automotive plants now being used to build multi models on the same site, it’s no longer feasible to deliver as many parts and components direct to the production line. At Johnston Logistics UK we are experienced in parts handling, delivering stock to our customers on a just in time (JIT) basis.

We can provide comprehensive customs clearance support to ensure the smooth transport of your goods. We have worked with Lotus Cars storing bonded engines, parts and specialist storage of full size car prototype clay models.

So whether you’re looking for a logistics solution for parts for your showroom, body shop or production line, Johnston Logistics UK can provide the complete supply chain management for you.

Services we provide:

  • Storage of components and parts through to finished goods.
  • Lineside supply of components.
  • Full MRP/EDI system integration.
  • Customs Bonded warehouse for imported goods.
  • Just in time supply.
  • Supporting LEAN principles.
  • Kitting – we can provide a flexible, scalable solution.
  • Returns handling/product recall services.